Web copy, PR and marketing

A vast background in newspaper and magazine writing prepared me for producing engaging promotional copy and web copy. Below are a few links and samples of my web copy, marketing materials, and public relations writing.


CONTACT: Tim Webster, (315) 729-2202, wlcoach@yahoo.com

Mainstreet Welness Open

WOLCOTT, N.Y.-Mainstreet Wellness (wellnessclubny.com) opened in April, offering patrons wellness education, education, fitness programs, supplements, and nutritious smoothies, tea, and other health drinks. Proprietors Tim and Tracy Webster also host 5k runs, and, modeled after the wildly popular television program, eight-week weight loss challenges.

The meal replacement drinks offer a healthful alternative to fast food for people on the go. Customers can hang around to watch fitness videos, play the Wii or use the free WiFi connection while they sip.

About 40 people have joined Mainstreet Wellness as club “members.” The club charges no membership fee, just $4 per meal replacement smoothie and rewards members with free drinks for referrals or purchasing nine drinks. Each of the two-dozen flavors contains fewer than 250 calories and includes 20 grams of protein, high fiber, and 19 vitamins.



Slim Digital Voice Recorder Pen Available to US

Who says “bigger is better?” Certainly not the research team at Everway China Limited. The six-year-old R&D and marketing company recently introduced its lightweight EW807 digital voice recorder pen to the US market. It’s the latest in a line of seven models.

The patented pen looks like any other fine writing instrument with gold tone accents and a sleek, 13.9mm black barrel, but with a digital recorder built into it. No flashing light or beep reveals the pen’s recording function. Once the tiny, concealed button has been pressed, the pen automatically records sound, storing up to 2 gigabytes (up to 144 hours of recording) on a built-in Samsung flash chip.

A 3.7-volt, high-capacity lithium-ion rechargeable battery or the USB cable (both included) keeps the pen powered up.

The USB2.0 also allows for easy downloads of any files stored in the pen to any computer operating with Windows 98SE or higher. The frequency rate is 20Hz to 20 KHz. The support bit rate is 32 kbps to 256 kbps.

Stereo earphones and a user manual are included.

Everway also manufactures MP3 player pens and designs prototype products for a variety of applications. For more information, visit http://www.everwaychina.com





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