Beep, beep. (Just tooting my own horn.) Here are just a few of the kind words shared with me lately about my writing:


“I read the book. It is well written, easy to read, and well researched. The author adds a little humor to prevent the reading from being too dry. The author focuses on nutrition and health. By following her advice, one could not only lose weight, but also become healthy. Her writing is culturally sensitive. She takes in consideration that people may have different habits, traditions, or dietary requirements.”

J.M., Ill.

“My thanks, and congratulations on, overall, an excellent article.”

P.E.B., Alaska

“I will really benefit from your advice.”

M.J.G., Calif.

“I just read your article and it was great!”

J.A., N.Y.

“I enjoyed your article re: celiac disease. I liked the patient and support perspective you took with the piece.”

M.M., N.Y

“I love, love, love the prenatal yoga article! It’s great that you interviewed an OB/GYN doctor, too. Thank you so much!”

E.M., N.Y.

“Deborah Jeanne Sergeant is a good writer, presenting her information well-organized and expressed, with pictures, even.  You picked a good one!”

H.B., N.Y. (to my editor)

“[The book is] well-written. Funny and helpful. Full of expert advice.”

M.A., Ill.


“I just saw the article published. Thanks so much!  Really appreciate your help in spreading awareness of Raynaud’s.”

Lynn Wunderman, Chairman, Raynaud’s Association, Redding, Conn.

“Thanks so much for the awesome article! You did a fantastic job! I am enjoying sharing it with my family and friends. I have to go track a copy down in the community this week!”

J.D., Rochester, N.Y.

“Very nice article, Deborah. You skillfully encapsulated my related experience. I hope it proves useful [to others]. All the best to you and your loved ones.”

S.A., Rochester, N.Y.

“I’ve had a chance to read the article that you wrote on my cancer journey – great job and great article!  I was a celebrity at HEMOC today when I walked in. Thanks so much for sharing my story with the CNY community.   I hope it can help to inspire others.”

Lynn M. Connors, Syracuse, N.Y.

“Hi. Thank you so much for the article. It was very nice. Thanks for choosing me. If you have anything further, just contact me.”

Heather W., N.Y.

“Hey Deb. I just saw the article today! Nice work! The article has good info and reads well. Great job abbreviating my long-winded explanation!”

Christopher Herrington, DC, Amherst, N.Y.

“Thank you so much for writing an excellent article on the US TOO! Prostate Cancer Support Group, and your comments on the importance of being checked at an early age for this disease. We definitely need more awareness, and articles of this nature will definitely have an impact. Thank you so much for all you do, and if I can be of any help in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

Bill Krellner, Chapter Leader US TOO! Prostate Cancer Support Group, Buffalo, N.Y.

“Hi, Debbie. I want to thank you for your recent article in 55 Plus regarding reverse mortgages. We felt it was a balanced presentation of the program’s features, benefits, and costs. A few folks I spoke with this past week commented on seeing it. So also got one immediate applicant, following his reading of the article.”

David L Walsh, Community Home Equity Conversion Corp., Rochester, N.Y.

“Thank you for writing such a thoughtful and well written article. I’ve run into a number of people who have read it and commented about how good it is. I really appreciate the time you took with me during the interview and it’s obvious you did some research on your own. Huge thanks!”

Andrea Giordano, CNWI, Dogs Among Us®, LLC – Canine Campus, Oswego, N.Y.

“I picked up a copy yesterday.  You did a very nice job.”

A.H., N.Y.

“Thank you for sending the article–great job.”

C.S., N.Y.

“Thanks for writing such a great article. It was really well written.”

M.B., N.Y.

“I just wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your article. I’ve had numerous experiences with print media, and I must say I think you did a great job with that piece.”

C.R., N.Y.

“Thank you so much for the link to the article! My dad and uncle will be very happy to see the wonderful article you wrote. Thanks again!”

K.O., N.Y.

“Thanks for a great story and photos.”

K.D., N.Y.

“I located the link to the article that you so nicely wrote and was very impressed! Thank you so much for your excellent article! Nice work, Deb! I’ve also sent the link to several of my friends and all of my family! It was so nice to work with you! I enjoyed our dialogue and your results.”

N.W., N.Y.

“I wanted to follow up with my thanks and appreciation for including me in your article.  I’ve heard from various friends and clients that they read it and appreciated the insight your article provided.”

J.B., N.Y.


“Perfect. Thanks, Deb! Great work.”

J.V., Ariz.

“Excellent.  Great work.  Thank you.”

P.G., N.Y.

“I just read the last [blog entry] you sent me. Wow! Awesome! You did such a good job making those keywords seamless! And were able to add sooo many of them! Great job! 🙂 Thank you!”

Abra Klinger, Calif.

“Excellent. Excellent. Thanks, Deb.”

P.G., N.Y.

“Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you’ve done. I deeply appreciate the dedication you’ve shown.”

T.S., Penn.

“By the way, you did a very nice job with that last story. I enjoyed reading the mainbar and the sidebars as well.”

W.D., N.Y.

“Excellent. Thank you. Good stuff.”

P.G., N.Y.

“Thanks, Deb. You did a great job!”

A.H., Penn.

“The project looks awesome. You are indeed an on-time blessing!”

M.B., Washington, D.C.

“Great article. Thank you!”

L.T., Wisc.

“Love it!”

C.L., Calif.

Media Relations Representatives

“Thank you so much for sending [the copy] over–it looks AWESOME! Really appreciate you taking the time to interview Jason and sharing the news about Black Button Farm & Forestry. Thanks again and best wishes!”

Arien Rozelle, PR Manager, Rochester, N.Y.

“Thanks a million, Deborah. The article looks great.”

Stephanie Loeber, Principal, Loeber Communications, Boston, Mass.

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