Exclusive, Custom Copy and Content – Price List

I began freelance writing part-time in 1994 and went full-time in 2000. I have more than 8,500 paid bylines and completed projects. Many of these are for publishers who regularly buy my articles, stories, web copy and promotional writing. Let me provide you with unique content and photos that meet your needs.

It’s much more affordable than you may think to flesh out your website or fill your periodical with quality content. For many people, it’s actually less expensive to hire a professional writer than do the work themselves. You may write pretty well, but consider the time it takes. Instead of laboring over the keyboard, could you spend that time performing a task that brings more value–and greater profits–to your company? What could you accomplish in three, four or more hours?

Save yourself the time and mental distress and let me take care of your writing needs.

About Content Mills

Ever wonder how some websites can offer such inexpensive articles on any topic imaginable? Here’s how the content mill industry works.

Proprietors of content mills promise beginning writers exposure and a toehold in the publishing world. They usually pay these new writers on a royalty basis for their work which most of the time amounts to far less than minimum wage. Some write for mere pennies per hour. In turn, the content mill can sell the writing for very low prices.

Content from one of these companies is like fast food: quick, cheap and mostly low-quality. What experienced professional in any industry would work for a few cents per hour? That’s why content mills accept anyone with a pulse and an ability to string together a few words.

Some content mills generate copy for their clients by using software. They steal legitimately published copy and replace enough of the text with synonyms to call it new. Oftentimes, this results in copy that’s awkward, stilted, vague and poor quality.

Custom vs. Cookie Cutter

Some content mills sell identical content (or barely changed content) to many different clients. This content mill business model hinges upon whether or not clients stumble across their content elsewhere.

To stand out to your readership, you must have unique content. If it’s online, it should contain keywords pertinent to your target clients. Search engine optimization (SEO) helps your potential customers find your website easier by boosting its ranking. Jamming copy with SEO terms results in copy that jumps and bumps instead of rolls smoothly off the screen. Quality, unique copy that is rich in SEO can only come from a writer who has hundreds of paid bylines, not a newbie or a machine.

Trust a Professional Writer

I can help you fill an unexpected hole in your newspaper or magazine layout, provide copy for your site, supply an ongoing column for your newsletter, ghostwrite an article for your industry’s trade publication or your blog, or handle nearly any other project you have in mind.

To provide you with only the best content, I do not accept projects outside of my scope of ability or experience. In those cases, I may be able to suggest a fellow writer who can better meet your needs.

Dollars and Sense

Every copy writing project is unique in its scope, impact, style and purpose. That makes it pretty difficult to give an off-the-cuff quote. However, you need to keep your projects within budget. It’s good business sense.

For this reason, the following fee schedule that can help determine a price fair for everyone. Each web page contains about 200 to 300 words.

Cost per page:

Fewer than 5 pages 5-10 pages 11-15 pages 16+ pages
Proofing & light editing of text that’s pretty much ready to go. $10 $8 $7 $6
Medium editing of a text with a moderate amount of rephrasing needed and correction of grammatical and punctuation errors. $17 $12 $10 $7
Heavy editing, some copy writing of a work lacking content and filled with many errors and inconsistencies. $30 $28 $26 $24
On-going exclusive content added on a schedule you specify $240 $235 $230 $225
One-time exclusive content $245 $240 $235 $230

How to Tell Your Category

“Proofing & light editing” refers to text that may need some tweaks here and there to make it really shine. The text contains few, if any, grammatical or punctuation errors and contains sufficient interesting information to engage readers. Most writing falls into the “Heavy editing” or “Medium editing” categories.

“On-going, exclusive content” means that you want to receive new content on a schedule you set up. You could purchase content to send in an emailed newsletter, tweets or post on your social media page. This service ensures that visitors return to your site, which helps them rely upon you as a valued resource.


Every potential client receives a free estimate for each project. Please refer to the fee scale above and realize that this is only a guideline. Half of the fee is due upfront. The other half is due within 30 days of completion. Payments may be made via check payable to “Deborah Jeanne Sergeant” and mailed to the address I provide. I also accept payments via PayPal.

Any suggestions for revision must be made within 30 days and must adhere closely to the original project’s idea, size and scope or else additional fees will be assessed. Revisions suggested after 30 days will incur an additional, reasonable fee.

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